I´m Petar and I was born in Split 37 years ago.
For ten years now I have been organizing excursions
and transfers all over Croatia and Dalmatia in particular.
Here is my photo, not the best one; I am much more handsome in person, hhahah.

about me np-krka-tour-from-split

This is not only my job but also my deep passion born out of love for my country, travelling and people.

I enjoy working and communicating with people and I am a nature and culture enthusiast who enjoys sharing his passion with others. When I was five, my family moved from Split into a beautiful house by the sea in Trogir. They started tourist business there in 1988. As a child, I loved that vibe and I was always entertaining our guests, although I did not speak any foreign languages. I was communicating with hands and legs and laughter, which everybody understands. That’s probably when the passion I have for my job today has been born.

All my life I’ve been working with people; in bars, restaurants and stores.
For six years I worked as a sales manager for T-Mobile. The time had come to do something on my own. I quit, took a bank loan and started my own company.

Krka Tour from Split

That was the beginning of Dream Transfers and Excursions. A dream to work on my own became real, hence the name of the company.

Excursions I organized are more than just tours of the outdoors and old cities. They are actually an all-around experience of the true Croatia. I don´t bother my guests with mere facts, I offer more…
a feel of true, primal Mediterranean life and all its beauty.

With me, you will learn all about how things here once were and how they are now. You will enjoy Croatian humour, stories and Croatian music, sounds of Dalmatia and the fusion of old with the new. You will be given the opportunity to listen to some of Croatia´s finest vocalists and you will come to feel as a Croat.

For years I have been creating a special tour, Unique Krka Tour. Today it is my speciality and it is highly recommended on TripAdvisor as well. You can learn more about it if you click on Unique Krka Tour.

Krka Tour from Split

My season starts in April and ends in November,
during high season it is really busy.

When winter comes I have more time for my family, friends and for myself. I enjoy playing football and listening to music and composing, reading and writing, but also doing nothing as well. I love meditation and spending time in nature. I also enjoy riding bike and motorcycle. I don’t have much talent for music, but when you love something, everything is possible. Today I have ten songs of my own. Here is one of them. Video?

Music is really important part of all my tours. When on the road, we listen not only to Croatian music, but all kinds of music or we just enjoy my guests’ playlists. There is something for every taste. People say; I am funny, outgoing and communicative, with a great feel for people and rhythm! I believe them!

Keep in mind that all tours I do are in small groups! Such tours are more flexible and personal! You make most of your time here and that’s the way you’ll like it! People get to know each other better. They make friends and feel as a part of something new.

Enough about me, now a bit about my van! (Croatian joke)
Indeed, you will love my van, it is brand new.

Hope to see you on the tour!