Krka Tour from Split | Unique NP Krka Tour

Dream Transfers & Excursions | Dream | exists to provide you with personalized guided tours and memories for a lifetime.

My desire was to create something completely different and more intimate in terms of excursion offers. My opinion is that I have succeeded in doing so.

Krka Tour from Split | Unique NP Krka Tour

This is not only my job but also my deep passion born out of love for my country, travelling and people. I enjoy working and communicating with people. I am a nature and culture enthusiast who enjoys sharing his passion with others.

Being a person who very much enjoys travelling and who believes travelling is always much more fun; If you do it in a more intimate way, with a smaller group of people. I have decided to go with the small group excursions and tours option. It is easier that way to get to know each other, to make friends and to feel as a part of something new.

The Unforgettable Dream Tours are different all around experience because it´s not just about sights. It is also about your experience and your feelings.

I don´t bother my guests with mere facts. I offer more… a feel of true, primal Mediterranean life and all its beauty. With Dream, you will learn all about how things here once were and how they are now. You will enjoy Croatian humour, stories and Croatian music, sounds of Dalmatia and the fusion of old with the new. You will be given the opportunity to listen to some of Croatia´s finest vocalists and you will come to feel as a Croat. Dream offers personalized individual and small group tour itineraries and an unforgettable touring experience. Dream way is more flexible and personal, but it also provides you with an opportunity to make the most of your time here.

Unique Krka Tour and Private Tours turn to be the Dream speciality.
To get the best book the best! Besides, you get one of the best guides around!

Krka Tour from Split | Unique NP Krka Tour